how I can help you

  • Web editing  I make sure that text is readable, correct and accurate and works well on the web (which is quite different from print).
  • Print editing  I do the same as above, but for print-based projects. I also enjoy unpicking the plots of crime novels and ensuring that all is well.
  • Copywriting  I write clear, accurate copy that does the job required of it – for both websites and print, the latter ranging from brochures to complete books.
  • Online content strategy   I ensure that a website starts off and remains fit for purpose, or I shake the dust off an old website, jettison defunct content and reinvigorate the user experience.
  • Website structuring  I create website structures that make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for.
  • Training  I teach individuals and employees how to write and edit for the web. See Training.

My specialities

  • editing and writing websites
  • training people in web editing and writing
  • editing crime fiction
  • website structure and navigation
  • quality assurance
  • website critiques
  • specialist subjects: history, archaeology, popular medicine
  • creating order out of chaos.