my clients

I’ve worked for a large number of clients, ranging from television, multimedia and publishing companies to government departments and agencies – plus self-publishers. My clients include:

BBC                                                                  Energy Saving Trust
Channel 4 Television                                       English Heritage/Historic England
Cypres (Belgian comms agency)                   SJ Berwin (international law firm)
UK Dept for Intnl Development                     Society of Friends (Quakers)
Weill Cornell Medicine (Qatar)

In addition, I’m  a trainer for the Publishing Training Centre and, previously, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. I also have a training partnership with Christina Thomas – see Online Content Training.

What my clients say

Web training
It was a pleasure to have you here, and I really welcomed your tips and examples.
Managing editor of university journal, in-house course, Doha, Qatar

Well worth doing – an interesting day, not just the course but also the varied backgrounds of the participants.
Trainee, public course, London

Web content strategy/consultancy
Thanks for the report … speaking to you has made me feel much more confident about my plans.
ND, web manager

Nancy is a real pro. Experienced, knows just about everything to do with words, dealing with people, writing content, the lot. She was also good fun to work with and took everything in her stride. She was hugely useful in her analysis of how to redesign the wireframes for the DFID country pages and many of her ideas made it into the information architecture. She is fast, reliable, has a dictionary for a mind and gave me some invaluable advice for the new DFID style guide. It would be a pleasure to work with Nancy again on any project.
Laura McNeill, lead editor (content migration), Department for International Development

Web editing
Incidentally I think the website is excellent now. It’s several months since I last visited and I notice many improvements. Congratulations to you and your helpers.
Member, Society for Editors and Proofreaders

… I’ve had some less than pleasant experiences with publishers in my career, but working with you has been a sheer joy. So few people one works with today actually ‘close the loop’ (if you know what I mean) on projects/conversations. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and affability strike me as increasingly unusual qualities.
LJS, US professor, contributor of article to Channel 4 History website

Book editing
Nancy Duin … was wonderful in taking a difficult-to-understand text and turning it into something readable. There’s hardly a sentence she didn’t improve, and she then worked as hard on my corrections and additions. She also moved paragraphs around to make better sense of the text, and checked things I should have on the internet (she saved me from some embarrassing errors). If you understand what I’ve written, that is in no small measure to Nancy’s brilliance. To her, I owe my deep gratitude.
Paul Gilbert, from the acknowledgements in his book The Compassionate Mind (Constable & Robinson, 2009)

I think this is the best Comms Update yet. Really clear, concise, relevant and practical. It actually makes me feel like things are happening in the world of DFID comms …
PR, manager (internal communications), DFID