crime fiction editing

In addition to my work on websites and my training gigs, I edit crime fiction (and, on occasion, thrillers and historical novels), primarily for self-publishers.

I provide the whole editing package:

development editing – unpicking plots, ensuring pace, checking that characters are rounded and believable
copy-editing – spelling, grammar, euphony, consistency: were those eyes blue 35 pages ago?
fact-checking – dates, historical facts, street names – anything that can be looked up in basic reference books and on the internet.

Every book is different. If you’re interested in working with me, contact me and I’ll tell you whether I’m available. If I am, I’ll ask you to send me your manuscript and I’ll give you a quote.

I’m not cheap, but I am thorough and kind.

Here are some of the novels I’ve edited:




And here is what some of my authors have said about my work:

Thank you so much for such terrific work. You’ve moved the whole thing on so well and with such intelligence and creativity. I am very grateful. Hope you’ll be able to work on the next one.
Robert Daws, The Poisoned Rock

You’ve discovered so many holes, discrepancies and other issues. Excellent work!
Muzo Kayacan, PsychoAnalysis

Can I thank you for the work you have done? You have improved the narrative enormously as well as corrected a number of historical facts. I am enormously grateful and embarrassed that there was so much to do …
Stephen Davis, I Spy the Wolf